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aiuEstudio is a young company, but already consolidated. It was created in 2001 and started to develop its activity in architecture, engineering and town planning, but its experience in so many different fields has allowed it to offer services related to consultancy and advising, focussing on I+D+I. Its activity has been diversified searching solutions for companies that try to improve its own working system and the service to its users.

aiuEstudio we think for you , gives consultancy solutions to companies, private clients and public services, to improve its products and services. We develop applications, strategies and offer consultancy services to help to create new projects and consolidate started projects. Offering customers a tailored to your needs PROJECT MANAGER service which integrates and solve every requirement to achieve the final aim: The business excellence. This type of services takes from the comprehensive project management, passing through consultancy services, software applications, marketing and real estate projects.

aiuEstudio we design for you , offers new, fresh, accurate and environmental involved ideas in architecture, engineering and town planning projects within its multidisciplinary team with capable skills to create new designs, offer comprehensive building projects, develop works management and coordinate health and safety works. We as well advice our clients all along the project.

All these services are developed within a quality system implanted in our company to guarantee the best result.
From its two offices in Spain and with its multidisciplinary team offers our clients the best solution to the project to develop. The aiuEstudio team is led by:

Rubén Cabecera Soriano . architect Dr.
Juan Manuel Yerga González . architect
Jesús Aparicio López . engineer
Alberto del Río Otero . technical architect and building engineer